Ugly Strindberg

Funny how the ugly creeps up to you. You go on with your life, and then one you you remember how often you would discuss the ugliness of this or that with some drunken acquaintance. Both the conversation, and the acquaintance were long forgotten, but now the topic gets back to you.

There have been so many odd things about this statue:

Why stick Strindberg’s head on top of some herculean body?

Why put a statue of Strindberg at Tegnérlunden?

Speaking of which why isn’t there a statue of Tegnér at his “lund”? Was it too beautiful?

As I said, I have always been amazed by the sticking of Strindberg’s small head on top of this body (Like attaching Woody Allen’s head on top of Arnold Schwartzenegger’s old body). He keeps this profound Strindbergian look frowning, and contemplating with distaste his muscular body. The body itself is in a relaxed pose and just enjoying the scenery.

This is the work of the famous Swedish sculptor Carl Eldh. This is one of his extreme realism works, in which he put a lot of his inspiration from Rodin. The model for the statue was the future arch bishop Nathan Söderblom (This would explain the powerful body).

For further reading on August Strindberg, one of Sweden’s most famous poets, check here.

For further reading on Esaias Tegnér, an old Swedish poet, check here.

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